Ready to sell?

Here are a couple things to keep in mind..

The buyer is in-store about 4 days a week.

Schedules vary weekly, the appointment availability on the booking calendar reflect the days the buyer is in-store and purchasing items.

If you have 20 items or less that you are wanting to sell, you are more than welcome to walk in without an appointment to have the buyer review your items.

If you have a larger quantity, you can schedule an appointment to drop off up to 50 items.


If this is your first time selling with us, we highly recommend selecting a dozen or fewer items to bring in initially, in order to get a better understanding of the process and what we look for when purchasing items.

When bringing us your lovely items, we kindly ask for them to be folded without hangers and in a bag or box. We will sort your items, selecting the ones we think will sell well based on style, condition, inventory levels, and demand for the items.

The buyer will appraise your items and determine your payment value. You will be offered the available payment methods which can include the option of cash and /or store credit, which approximately 40% more than cash value.


You will receive an automated text message notification when we have finished appraising your items. Please return by 5:00pm that day to finalize your appraisal and get paid.


After 5:00pm, any cash offer will expire and be replaced with store credit for the previous cash value.


If you have not returned within 48 hours of the initial drop off, your items will be considered donated, becoming property of Daly Finds and voiding any previous and/ or assumed offers of compensation.