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Thanks for bringing your things in to sell today!


We will sort your items, selecting the ones we think will resell well based on style, condition, inventory levels, and demand for the items. We are unable to take items with appearance and condition issues, excessive fragrance/odors, or excess wear.


After the initial sort, the buyer appraises your items and determines your payment. You will be able to select between a cash payout, or store credit, with is 35% more. You will receive a text message notification when we have finished purchasing your items.


If you need to leave the store for any reason before we complete your buy, you will follow these terms and condition:

  • I agree to sell my items at the price set by Daly Finds.

  • I authorize Daly Finds to purchase, tag, and make these items available for sale.

  • My payment will be waiting for me after I receive a TEXT notification, which will be the only notification I will receive once the buy has been completed.

  • I WILL HAVE UNTIL 5:00PM THE SAME DAY to pick up my cash offer. After that I will not have a cash offer and STORE CREDIT WILL BE APPLIED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • I will NOT have the option of reclaiming my items.

  • Any items not purchased by Daly Finds that are unclaimed by the end of the second day after the initial notification was sent, will be donated.

Please fill out the information below to place your items in the que.

Item Categories
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