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Want to bring in your items to sell?

Here's how it works:

1. Schedule an appointment to bring in your items by filling out the form below.

2. Gather your items, making sure that they are freshly laundered, folded and without defects or wear.


3. Place your folded items into a bin, tote, reuseable shopping bag, etc labeled with your last name. We WILL NOT accept drop-offs in trash bags.

4. Bring in your bin/tote/shopping bags at your scheduled time to be appraised.

We will sort your items, selecting the ones we think will resell well based on style, condition, inventory levels, and demand for the items. We are unable to take items with appearance and condition issues, excessive fragrance/odors, or excess wear.


After the initial sort, the buyer appraises your items and determines your payment. You will be able to select between a cash payout, or store credit, with is 40% more. You will receive a text message notification when we have finished purchasing your items.


With dropping off your items for an appraisal, you agree to these terms and condition:

  • I will receive a TEXT notification, when my offer is ready, which will be the only notification I will receive once the appraisal has been completed.

  • I WILL HAVE UNTIL 5:00PM THE SAME DAY to pick up my offer and any items that were not accepted by Daly Finds. After that, I will not have a cash offer and STORE CREDIT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY GIVEN FOR ITEMS ACCEPTED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Any items not purchased by Daly Finds that are unclaimed by the end of the second day after the initial notification was sent, will be donated.

Please fill out the information below to schedule your drop-off appraisal appointment.



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